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Skating, Learn to Skate Session I

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Youth Ice Skating Lesson
Never skated before? Know how to skate backwards? Whatever level you are, we have a place for you.
No double runner skates please.
Sawyer Arena does not rent skates!
No class on Sunday, November 29

LEARN TO SKATE (4:10-5:10)
Learn to skate will have a half hour of instruction and a half hour of supervised free skate. However, we will be limiting the first hour for students in Learn to Skate Levels 1-3 The first hour will also include an adult Learn to Skate class. The skating objectives for the three Learn to Skate levels are to help your child learn to fall down properly, skate forward, balance while moving on one skate, snowplow stop, use their edges, skate backward, transfer from forward to backward skating, beginning crossovers, two foot spin.  Students will be admitted to Basic Level 4 if they have demonstrated competency with Levels 1-3.

Basic Level 4-8 & Free-Style Skate Levels 1-6 (5:20-6:20)
These lessons will also be a half hour of lessons with a half hour of free skate to practice.  Students who would like to compete and test at Basic Levels 4-8 and Free-Style Skate 1-6 must be members of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). Your fee for this program includes membership to USFSA. There is no extra fee and there is no obligation to compete.

Free-Style Skate Level 4-6 & Synchronized Team Skating(6:20-7:20)
This program is for students in Free-Style Skate 4-6, Synchronized team skating, and practice for the advanced skaters. Will follow the same format as the previous 2 programs.
Synchronized Team skating -This program will be offered for a nominal fee of $10 for the 6 weeks for those students registered for a skating class (open to those who can skate forward and backward, and do forward and backward crossovers). The class will be limited to 12 students

General Information for Learn to Skate & Basic Levels
  • The following are the different levels for your child, please use these as a reference when registering.
  • Level 1— (4:10-5:10) Never has skated or has skated but falls down more than able to skate.
  • Level 2—(4:10-5:10) Can take a few steps on ice without falling all the time. Seems pretty confident.
  • Level 3—(4:10-5:10) Can skate to other side of rink without falling. Can balance on one leg while standing.
  • Level 4— (5:20-6:20) Working on forward edges, backward skating, forward crossovers, forward outside three-turns
  • Level 5—(5:20-6:20)Working on backward edges, backward crossovers, hockey stop, beginning one foot spin, side toe hop
  • Level 6—(5:20-6:20)Forward inside three turn, T stop, bunny hop, forward spiral, lunge
  • Level 7—(5:20-6:20)Forward inside Mohawk, changing edges from backward to forward, ballet jump, forward inside pivots
  • Level 8—(5:20-6:20)Outside and inside three turns in both directions, combination footwork, one foot spin, waltz jump, mazurka jump

General Information for Free-Style Skate Levels
Each Free-Style Skate level is divided into four sections: moves in the field, spins, dance/footwork sequence and jumps. The Free-Style Skate levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation on which to build their skills. This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

Free-Style skate 1 Lessons (5:20-6:20)

A. Advanced forward stroking

B. Basic forward outside and forward inside consecutive edges (4-6)

C. Advanced back outside three-turns clockwise and counterclockwise (R and L)

D. Scratch spin from back crossovers – three revolutions minimum

E. Waltz jump – from 2-3 back crossovers

F. Half flip

Free-Style skate 2 Lessons (5:20-6:20)

A. Basic back outside and back inside consecutive edges (4-6)
B. Forward outside and forward inside spirals, clockwise and counter clockwise (R and L)
C. Continuous forward progressive chasse sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise
D. Waltz threes, R and L
E. Beginning back spin – two turns
F. Waltz jump, side toe hop, waltz jump sequence
G. Toe loop

Free-Style skate 3 Lessons (5:20-6:20)

A. Forward and backward crossovers in figure 8 pattern

B. Waltz 8

C. Advanced forward consecutive swing rolls (4-6)

D. Backward inside three-turn: R and L

E. Backspin with free foot in crossed leg position – three revolutions minimum

F. Salchow

G. Half Lutz jump

H. Waltz jump-toe loop combo or Salchow-toe loop combination sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

Free-Style skate 4 Lessons (6:20-7:20)

A. Spiral sequence: FI spiral, FI Mohawk, BO Spiral – clockwise and counterclockwise

B. Forward power three-rurns: R and L

C. Continuous backward progressive, chasse sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

D. Sit spin – three revolutions

E. Loop jump

F. Waltz jump-loop jump combination

Free-Style skate 5 Lessons (6:20-7:20)

A. Backward outside three-turn, Mohawk into three backward crossovers – repeat three times clockwise and counterclockwise

B. Spiral sequence – Forward outside spiral, forward outside three-turn, one backward crossover, back inside spiral: clockwise and counterclockwise

C. Forward outside slide chasse swing roll sequence – 3–6 times, alternating feet

D. Camel spin – three revolutions minimum

E. Forward upright spin to back scratch spin – three revolutions, each foot

F. Loop/loop combination

G. Flip jump

H. Waltz jump-falling leaf-toe loop jump sequence

Free-Style skate 6 Lessons (6:20-7:20)

A. Alternating back crossovers to back outside edges

B. Five-step Mohawk sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise

C. Camel-sit spin combination – four revolutions total

D. Split jump or stag jump

E. Waltz jump-half loop-Salchow

F. Lutz jump

G. Axel – walk through, preparation, jump

Axel does not need to be landed to pass this test.

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